Not just life insurance.  Final Expense Insurance. 
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When we pass away two things have to be done.  Someone has to PAY for it & someone has to PLAN for it.  Let us help you with both.

Have you ever been through the loss of a loved one?     

          Have you ever had to plan a loved one's funeral?  

                     Have you ever had to pay for a loved one's funeral, burial or cremation?

Everyday we help people take this burden off their family and help them achieve peace of mind.  The Insure America Program not only offers LOW COST Burial life insurance but also FREE Funeral Planning Assistance.  

Our FREE Funeral Planning Program allows our members the ease of planning their final arrangements right in the comfort of their own home with our step by step, fill in the blanks membership kit.  So we make sure next of kin and/or beneficiary's know the plans you took the time to put in place we send them a welcome and information letter along with a membership card for them to have access to our program when that time comes.  In one simple phone call we will help guide them through the process you took caring time to set up ahead of time.  This program helps to eliminate any arguing or confusion by family members and friends.

Since death is one thing we can't Prevent, Evade or Avoid it's important we take care of our responsibility now before leaving it to our loved ones to do when it's too late. 
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